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When you really want to feel good about your child's education and environment, Holy Name School covers all of the bases. We address your needs for your child's education and your child's need of finding a creative outlet for his/her talents and gifts.

We provide a solid academic environment for learning with certified teachers and professional staff.

Our goals
  • To provide a Catholic education which prepares our students to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in today’s culture;
  • To promote a sense of unity by creating a learning environment that models and reflects an understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of all cultures;
  • To promote practices that foster fairness, mutual respect, and honesty in all our lives;
  • To develop and strengthen civic, patriotic, and social responsibilities;
  • To promote positive health and safety practices, develop a sense of self-esteem, and foster lifelong well-being;
  • To provide a safe and healthy environment, acknowledging students for outstanding achievements;
  • To promote active learning experiences which stimulate curiosity, develop critical thinking, and promote life-long accomplishment;
  • To promote a life-long enthusiasm for learning fostered through the partnership of home, school, and community.


At Holy Name School, we ensure the safety and security of each person in our school community.

  • Three cameras, placed at entrances to the building, allow people to be identified before access to the school is allowed. A fourth camera is located in our computer room.
  • Dismissal procedures are carefully outlined in the student handbook on page seven (see the Student Corner listed under the Quicklinks bar on the Home page to view the handbook). Students in Kindergarten through grade four are released only to an authorized adult. Students in grades five through eight are allowed, with parental permission, to walk home. All students who remain after school for either Homework Club or Extended Day are required to have an authorized adult sign them out of school.
  • Emergency drills for fire and lock downs are detailed in the student handbook on page 19. We practice these throughout the school year.
  • The school safety committee, comprised of parents, faculty, parishioners, school advisory members, and administration, meet at least three times a year to discuss, evaluate, and if necessary make changes to existing safety procedures and policies.
  • The most recent safety acquisition was door monitors for the pk classroom which note those coming and going through the doorway.