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Our School Advisory Council

The purpose of the School Advisory Council, as established by the pastor in accordance with diocesan policy, is to assist and support him and the principal in the governance of the parish school. The membership consists of the pastor of Holy Name Parish, the principal of the school, and thirteen elected members. A member may be a parishioner of Holy Name and/or a parent of a student at Holy Name School.

The primary function of the council is to offer suggestions and input to the pastor and principal for various aspects of school life. Among the areas included in this function are long range planning, including school endowment, public relations, review of academic and discipline policies, major repairs and/or construction to the school property, and overall promotion of the school to the wider community.

Advisory Council Members

Very Rev. Jay T. Maddock, Pastor and Director
Mrs. Linda Camara
Mrs. Minty Farrissey
Mr. Doug Hlousek
Mrs. Paula Kelly
Mrs. Frances LaSalle
Mr. Tom Librera

  Ms. Dorothy Mahoney-Pacheco
Mr. Owen Marshall
Mr. Robert Medeiros
Ms. Allyson Pereira
Mr. Kevin Sullivan
Mr. Wayne Swenson
Dr. Patricia Wardell, Principal